How our solutions work


Do you know how to cost effectively boost efficiency and drive results with next-generation decision support systems?

KOMSystems develops cutting-edge customized applications for advanced performance in supply chain management.

Whether your company wishes to: better collaborate with vendors; anticipate your customer's needs; continuously evaluate different ways to operate; roll out a successful slotting project; accurately plan capital allocation for strategic resources or monitor operational efficiency; KOMSystems, working closely with your team, will develop the best application to meet your needs.

By leveraging our custom-designed applications, you become empowered with in-depth knowledge and best practices. When applied to your company's unique competitive environment, our applications will enable you to integrate strategic initiatives to the everyday supply chain management processes resulting in real continuous improvement.

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Are you looking to better align your operations and tactical plans to a winning strategy?

Market dynamics constantly impact operations. Increased SKU variety; fluctuating volumes; addition of customers; mergers & acquisitions; and opportunity purchasing; means your company needs to monitor leading operational indicators to uncover improvement opportunities constantly and adapt to these changing dynamics.

In the context of external pressures, internal constraints and long-term strategy your company possesses specific key variables that directly impact results.

Our multi-faceted optimization applications are customized to make sense of what those critical variables are by delivering complex analytics in a fast, flexible and simple way to help you and your executive team to dynamically respond with the best decision in any given context.

Some of the features of our customized optimization applications include the ability to:

  • Constantly analyze operations for inventory reduction opportunities through optimal product flow;
  • Determine resource utilization opportunities and productivity improvements;
  • Benchmark performance

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Do you know how reducing uncertainty through collaboration can become your key to supply chain accuracy and synchronicity?

Increasing inventory on-hand, adding more space for storage and lengthening delivery times are often the approaches used to deal with operational uncertainty. Examples of uncertainties faced range from whether or not a vendor will supply in the right quantity and on time; to whether or not a customer will order in the quantities and frequencies forecasted.

Responding to uncertainty in this way results in high inventory, costly underutilized building space, and delays. Furthermore, uncertainty compounds throughout each node of the supply chain in what is called the "Bullwhip effect".

Through the use of collaborative portals combined with business and operational intelligence derived from in-depth analyses, KOMSystems helps companies reduce uncertainty and increase efficiency.

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How our solutions work

Delivered in the form of Cloud-Based Applications compatible with your company's business environment, our innovative, customized solutions are designed to optimize operations. They reduce the cost of maintaining optimal performance while providing the best value on the market. KOMSystems' applications are designed for your company's needs and strategic objectives and combine expertise in the form of algorithms, KPIs and rich data visualisation.

The KOMSystems advantages include:
  • High usability through customization
  • Safe and secure
  • Easily deployable throughout regional or global supply chains
  • Facilitate replication of successful projects at different times and different sites
  • Mobile availability to applications
  • No expensive server infrastructure to run applications
  • No Cap-Ex required and no large business ROI risk
  • No installation or additional internal IT costs
  • Our support model goes beyond technical IT staff and includes supply chain subject matter experts
  • Lower cost than traditional software packages (don't pay for what you don't need)
  • Options of periodical subscriptions or on-demand licensing

Most importantly, KOMSystems gives your company the ability to truly innovate, think, and implement outside the box to help you create responses that best apply your company's competitive advantages to any situation.

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Advanced Supply Chain Analytics

How can you make decisions today for tomorrow's best results?

Strategic goals are achieved most effectively when broken down and executed as a set of tactical plans and operational objectives.

The right key performance indicators go beyond being simply operational to include assets utilization and financials which can be integrated into rolling budgets and projected into the future.

Could you derive value from enhanced visibility into your business and operational performance metrics?

Visibility solutions such as business intelligence, executive dashboards, balance scorecards and other performance monitoring systems have proven to add significant value to decision making effectiveness; and continue to be widely adopted by organizations looking to drive up their service levels and operational efficiency.

Our advanced supply chain analytics applications are customized to provide compelling insight from strategic, tactical and operational metrics specific to your organization that:

  • Determine and prioritize Supply Chain KPI's
  • Determine and prioritize Leading and Lagging Indicators.
  • Determine dependencies and correlation of variables.
  • Provide expert support for developing continuous improvement road-maps.

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Operational Competitiveness Benchmarking

Do you know how your company's operational competitiveness is positioned and how to get to the top rank?

Achieving top performance means meeting financial goals and developing supply chain competence through the implementation of best practices.

KOMSystems can offer access to invaluable intelligence that enables your company to evaluate operational performance as it compares to peers and industry data by helping you to:

  • Uncover improvement opportunities;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses;
  • Evaluate the impact of best practices and new technology;
  • Develop a base to set operational goals and a roadmap to achieve them;
  • Use it as a complement to internal productivity monitoring solutions.

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Strategic Logistics Resource Planning

Are you being proactive about the future of your company?

The strategic planning process requires making decisions about where and how resources will be allocated. Resources such as time, capital, people, facilities, partnerships, equipment, and technology are coordinated to form the backbone of your company's supply chain strategy.

A sound supply chain strategy is aligned with the overall organizational goals. This requires planning for the volume of sales projected as well as meeting the market expectations in terms of quality and service levels. Planning the resources needed to accomplish these goals is not a straightforward process. The quantity, place and timing of resource allocation depend on several factors both internal and external to your organization.

KOMSystems' customized applications enable your executives managing the supply chain to plan for the right resources needed to carry out strategic plans by:

  • Translating sales forecasts into operational requirements;
  • Developing operational targets based on leading indicators;
  • Creating a resource planning model driven by current operations and future strategy;
  • Integrating your customized model to strategy planning to adapt and refine as needed;
  • Updating as operations change due to market conditions;
  • Running scenarios of different operational settings and growth projections;
  • Determining the life span of existing resources and timing of new resource allocation;
  • Assisting to develop strong capital and master budgets that anticipate upcoming requirements to eliminate surprises.

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Slotting Management

Is your Slotting custom-designed for top performance?

Slotting is the process of assigning products to the optimal physical location within the warehouse, and is intricately related to the overall productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Optimizing your slotting will result in 5% to 20% productivity improvement, maximize the lifetime of facilities, and improve service levels through; reduced selection travel; improved ergonomics; proper sequencing of items; reduction in shorts; reduced replenishment activity and more.

KOMSystems simplifies the complexity of the slotting process by combining a custom-designed operating strategy with decades of expertise into a Slotting Management application specific to your requirements.

KOMSystems slotting management incorporates:

  • Product-specific factors such as physical characteristics, historical sales, inbound and outbound frequencies, inventory levels, hit rates, priority, cube, weight and ergonomics, with;
  • Customer-specific factors such as family groupings, velocity zones, fixed vs. floating slotting zones, customer / vendors zones, reserve / picking / cross-docking zones, store friendly sequencing and order selection strategies.

Put your strategy first and then execute tactical and operating plans more effectively.

Choosing the right strategy is paramount to the successful execution of the slotting process. The strategy will not only define the rules that dictate execution, it will also determine the layout.

Working with KOM International, a world leader in supply chain consulting, with over 50 years of slotting expertise, the optimal strategy will be developed.

Once the strategy is decided upon the slotting process is scientific and can then be managed with your KOMSystems slotting management custom application.

The KOMSystems advantage:

Our application technology and development capabilities allow us to create each specific solution customized for your company's situation and strategic goals at a very competitive value.

Our support model goes beyond technical IT staff and includes supply chain subject matter experts.

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Inventory Optimization

Less [inventory] is more [cash]

Inventory serves as the buffer between offer and demand of products. While having more of it may help your company reduce the cost of goods and increase service levels, it also increases damage, obsolescence, handling, storage, insurance, and financial costs.

In today's market conditions, your company cannot afford to store large volumes of inventory with all the associated carrying costs unless it's critical to success in terms of service levels and profitability.

Our customized inventory optimization application can help your executives and operations managers to better manage the delicate balance between service and profitability.

Do you know how to fuel growth by unlocking cash from within your supply chain?

Companies with a healthy cash flow are more likely to survive economic downturns and switch quickly to growth mode once the contraction in the economic cycle reverts. Large amounts of capital tied up in inventory can result in a shortage of cash to support operations. In a rapidly cycling economy, companies in a weak cash position do not survive.

Through working capital optimization, you can unlock important amounts of cash to support your company's operational requirements, finance business expansions, pay down debt, and buy back stock, or increase the company's dividend.

KOMSystems inventory optimization applications are customized to help your company derive tactical improvements to:

  • Reduce inventory through customer and vendor collaboration;
  • Properly allocate inventory throughout the network;
  • Reduce safety stock levels by reducing lead times;
  • Monitor cash cycles to optimize working capital;
  • Move inventory off balance sheet.

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